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Java 8 :: Streams – Sequential vs Parallel streams

Volatile boolean vs AtomicBoolean

Class Design Principles [S.O.L.I.D.] in Java

OOP Concepts

Creating Immutable Classes in Java

Declaration of variables and members

Java Operators

Assignments, initialization, and JVM etc.

switch and loops rules!

Exceptions and Assertions

Inner Classes and Nested Classes

Serialization, Externalization complete Guide.

When to Use Abstract Class and Interface

Difference Between NoClassDefFoundError And ClassNotFoundException

What is Java String Pool?

Use of Class.forName in java

Java Constructor.newInstance() method Example

Dealing With the Diamond Problem in Java

Static Binding and Dynamic Binding

Difference between wait(), yield() and sleep()

Java NIO vs. IO

Stopping Your Class from Being Inherited in Java, the Official Way, and the Unofficial Way

11 Mistakes JAVA Developers make when using EXCEPTIONS

Rules for method overriding:

Java 8 Features

GC Explained: Heap:: Generational Garbage Collectors

Find the middle of a given linked list in Java

Design of the Shutdown Hooks API

What to Know About Passing by Value

Overview of Method References

Java Volatile Keyword

Comparable and Comparator in Java Example

How to prevent Singleton Pattern from Reflection, Serialization and Cloning?

7 Techniques for thread-safe classes

Java 8: A quick introduction to Parallelism and the Spliterator

Java Integer Cache – Why Integer.valueOf(127) == Integer.valueOf(127) Is True

Passing Multiple Arguments Into Stream Filter Predicates

Why Do We Need an Interface in OOP?

Immutable Data Structures in Java