Questions Possible Answers
How to make a class thread safe.
What are the different scopes of spring bean and how they are used. request,session,global session,singleton(default),prototype
How to make a resource accept both xml and json as input. Header.accept(application/json) and (application/xml)
How validate a query parameter for its existence. Check for Null
What are pessimistic and optimistic locking.
What is left push w.r.t Redis
What is pipe lining in Redis.
What is xAPI
What is your tech stack
What are the dbs you have worked on
What are the commands of redis
Spring abstraction for redis.
Questions will mostly be on whatever you have worked on previously.
Create a generic class with bounded nature.
What does spring boot helps us with Spring starters help to load all configurations
How to use Utils classes in Spring (constants etc)
Disadvatages of Spring boot Less Code Redablility because need to exclude auto configuration for custom implementation.
Maven Lifecycle
Benifits of Boot autoconfiguration , dependency reduction and embedded http servers
Java 8 stream program
REst Service basics
How you are building response object in rest services Response, ResponseEntity
Cassandra replication factors , nodes
what is the diff Abstract class and interface?
what is concurrenthashmap?
what is springprofile?
what is collection interfaces and implemented classes?
what is jpa?how to implementation process?
what is diff jpa and hibernate?
what is TDD and Junit,mockito flow?
what is nosql ? Non Structed Data
what is springbean lifecycle?
what is the diff spring and springboot ?explain Annotations?
what is restful service and flow of implementation?
how to interact one rest-service to another rest-service in spring? RestTemplate, WebClient, RestEasy
table relationship in Hibernate? Associations (one-to-many,etc…)
what is IOC?
what is the Junit with Mockito implementaiton flow for class and method?
Reactive java Asynchronized Non blocking functional programming.
If scope of bean is singleton how it will be threadsafe
Spring boot starters
how convert pojo to json in REST
Mongo DB features
Condition based bean creation @conditional
how to restrict autoconfigure in spring boot application
Junit with @Mock @spy @captor @injectMocks
How to achive default configuration in all applictions??
Agile Development
Code Review rules sonar, PMD,Find bugs,check styles
Exception Handling
Checked and runtime exceptions
Difference throwable and exception
Difference Array and arraylist
Difference List and Set
Java 8 features Lamda,functional interfaces(function,consume,supply,predicate),streams,date and time API,collectors
GIT commands pull,push,commit,rebase,add,diff,apply,merge,reset
pergemError Handle resources properly (open and close) memory leaks The first thing one can do is to make the size of the permanent generation heap space bigger.
This cannot be done with the usual –Xms(set initial heap size) and –Xmx(set maximum heap size) JVM arguments, since as mentioned, the permanent generation heap space is entirely separate from the regular Java Heap space, and these arguments set the space for this regular Java heap space. However, there are similar arguments which can be used(at least with the Sun/OpenJDK jvms) to make the size of the permanent generation heap bigger:


GarbageCollectors System.gc
Database design for attendence system Normalization technics
How to maintain properties file as environment specific? @Profile
How to make beans as environment specific? @Conditional
What is Webservices? Diff between SOAP and REST
tell the query for who has 99% attendance in attendance table select AVG(col1) avgval, student_name from table group by student_name having avgval >99
How to consume rest service in spring boot?? RestTemplate
How to join tables(documents) in MongoDb
Diff between SQL and NOSQL Stores data in the form of documents(JSON)
Do you aware of Continueous Integration/Deployment? Jenkins
How Autowire works?
Observable ZIP and subscribing the calls to register.?
How Spring boot get initialized?
Diff between @Component and @Configuration?
Command line commands of spring boot?
Example to iterate the List using lamda expression, filter the stream?
Circuit breaker design pattern?
What is Multithreading?
How can we achieve ThreadSafe?
Why do we use @AutoConfiguration?
What is NOSQL?
Did you use Optional in java 8?
What is component scan?
what is Optional in java8?
what is concurrent HashMap Implementation?
write a program on streams to filter the Objects?
what is the maven command for Creating Jar and Excute test classes?
What is the jenkin command for compiling test cases?
why we use springboot in our application?
write a sample program in springboot app?
what is volatile ?
difference between map() and flatmap() in java 8 streams ?
Did you use any java 8 concurrent utilities like countdown latch and forkjoin pool
Monolithic vs Micro services

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