Class diagram of Queue API

Queue API is the most complex API in the family of Java Collections Framework. Queue<E> is the base interface for all kind of queues.

  • Sub interfaces: BlockingQueue<E>, Deque<E> and BlockingDeque<E>.
  • Abstract classes: AbstractQueue<E>.
  • Implementation classes:
    • ArrayBlockingQueue<E>
    • ArrayDeque<E>
    • ConcurrentLinkedQueue<E>
    • DelayQueue<E extends Delayed>
    • LinkedBlockingDeque<E>
    • LinkedBlockingQueue<E>
    • LinkedList<E>
    • PriorityBlockingQueue<E>
    • PriorityQueue<E>
    • SynchronousQueue<E>

The following class diagram outlines the hierarchy of Queue API:

Queue API class diagram

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