Class diagram of Map API

A map stores elements in terms of key=value pair. Map<K, V> is the base interface for all kind of maps.

  • Sub interfaces: ConcurrentMap<K, V>, SortedMap<K, V>, NavigableMap<K, V> and ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>.
  • Abstract classes: AbstractMap<E>.
  • Implementation classes:
    • Hashtable<K, V>
    • HashMap<K, V>
    • LinkedHashMap<K, V>
    • IdentityHashMap<K, V>
    • ConcurrentHashMap<K, V>
    • ConcurrentSkipListMap<K, V>
    • EnumMap<K extends Enum<K>, V>
    • WeakHashMap<K, V>
    • TreeMap<K, V>

The following class diagram outlines the hierarchy of Map API:

Map API class diagram

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